The Oddest Mutual Friends

Tick off another entry on the “list of things to do in life” list, because I can now say I have been to the home of someone with a fruit machine in their kitchen.

My latest stop on the journey of interviewing Chart Show presenters took me today to the home of Joel Ross, better known in his professional capacity as “andJoel” where I am pleased to report he makes an excellent cup of tea and has a very friendly cat who only once tried to eat my script. It was actually the first time I had met him, despite Facebook revealing that we have a circle of about ten mutual friends from two totally different walks of life.

You will hear the interview I did with him in a week or so, once the special Radio Chart Shows podcast is produced and edited, but I can reveal that his answers to some of the questions I asked were not only very revealing but will surprise many of the people who constantly bashed the JK and Joel chart show for its lack of focus on the chart itself.

My favourite revelation of all came after the tape stopped running when he revealed that at one stage he was accomodating Simon Hirst at the weekends and so the pair would leave their flat together on a Sunday afternoon, go their separate ways to their respective stations to present the chart shows and then meet up again for drinks at 7pm after they had finished. Somehow that shatters the myth that both BBC and commercial sides were at each others throats in a desperate battle for ratings, but it still gives you a warm feeling to know this.

Oh yes, and I’m also rapidly learning that in many important ways I am a useless interviewer, too reliant on pre-prepared notes and gripped with panic when my interviewee comes to the end of a sentence and I have to find a way to lead them in to the next question. After years of producing broadcasters who do nothing but intervew people you would have thought I’d have picked up at least a few tips, but clearly it is all about practice.

Watch this space and I will let you know when you can hear the results.

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