Make It Like The First Time

Just to prove I can be enthusiastic about the cool stuff as well…

I coined the expression “two listen track” last year, in reference to ‘Daddy’s Gone’ by Glasvegas. As buzzwords go it ranks amongst the more clunky and graceless I will ever use, but for now it sums up the concept nicely. It can either represent a track that you have to hear a second time immediately afterwards because it is so good, or one whose charms become all the more apparent the second time around. It therefore seems only appropriate to break it out again for yet another bunch of enormously appealing Glaswegians.

If you are a Radio One listener north of the border then A Band Called Quinn may not be totally unknown to you. Scottish regional presenter Vic Galloway has been championing them for a while and recently nominated their forthcoming album ‘Sun Moon Stars’ as his album of the month.

Released on March 16th (although available on iTunes already) is the single, ‘Glimmer Song’ and it is this “two listen track” that you are cordially invited to appreciate below.

I’m entranced by this, just as I have been by everything else they have released over the past year or so. Lead singer Louise Quinn is like a fantasy cross between Alison Goldfrapp and Sharleen Spiteri, blessed with a crystal clear voice that shines like a beacon from every piece of music she puts her name to – and she is no mean lead guitarist either.

‘The Glimmer Song’ works because of its lack of immediacy. You will sit through it the first time anxiously awaiting a chorus that never arrives (with the honourable exception of the “make it like the first time” hook that the song builds to twice. Then you hear it again, forearmed with the knowledge that the song isn’t going to go where you expect it, and this time it all makes sense.

So check it out, and afterwards make sure to listen to the song of theirs I wrote about last year ‘DIY’ which is more of an immediate pop song and shows that the band have a depth and a range which will make the album even more of a joy when it finally does arrive.

Being a fan of a band few others have heard of can be quite the thrill at times. I just hope that feeling remains when everyone else catches on to how good they are.

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