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2012 Resized for webBefore embarking on the messy, complicated business of publishing an E-book, I did the sensible thing and read a number of how-to guides. One common theme emerged from all of them: “be warned”, they said, “everything about the process takes much longer than you would expect”.

Like a fool I sniffed at this. After all, this is the modern digital age. What could be simpler than having an online store process your upload and add it to their catalogue? I confess I still don’t know the answer to that question, but I do know they have found ways to make it complicated behind the scenes.

So it is that The Top 40 Annual 2012 was available on the Kindle store within about 48 hours of publication. Yay Amazon. Distributing it to some of the other leading platforms took an inordinate amount of time as both the text and its accompanying promotional data was reviewed, analysed, modified, reviewed again, submitted, processed, teased and then finally listed. Those people following me on Twitter and Google+ will have witnessed the childish glee I experienced as each new store came online and listed the book.

All of which is a wonderfully convoluted way of pointing out that my guide to every Top 40 hit single of 2012 is now available for purchase on just about any platform you could think of.

Got a Kindle? Then go get it from the Kindle store.

A flash iThing owning type? Check me out on iTunes.

A respectable, good looking and sophisticated Android tablet owner? Google Play are selling it far cheaper than anyone else. Hooray for them.

For more hyperbole, links to other online stores such as Kobo and Nook and a free download of the first section of the book, just go to the Books page of this very website. It may even encourage me to write some more.

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