Come On! COME ON!

I’m going to stand up and take full credit for this, because it was my idea in the first place.

It all started during the 2010 World Cup, sat at work producing the live coverage of England matches. These broadcasts were anchored by Mark Saggers, an immense broadcaster with a justified reputation for capturing the moment and painting pictures at the biggest sporting events across the world. However sitting in the studio with the line to his microphone faded down but still live on the desk, I noticed that during England matches he underwent an interesting personality change, no longer the intense but mild mannered and sophisticated broadcaster we all know, but instead the angriest, shoutiest, sweariest man on the planet.

Two games into the tournament I suggested to the audio producers out in the office that they might like to roll tape across him, just in case we captured anything worthwhile. As a direct result of this we produced one of the most famous audio clips of the talkSPORT coverage of the 2010 World Cup, Mark Saggers’ screams of joy turning into frustration and anger as Frank Lampard’s clinical finish was incorrectly ruled to have not crossed the line during England’s 4-1 defeat to Germany in the second round.

The audio clip of him repeating “It’s a goal, it’s a goal…” in ever despairing tones has been compiled, packaged, clipped and edited time and time again in the four years since. Few things sum up better the emotional rollercoaster that every single one of us as fans go through as the hopes we project onto the national team are raised and then trampled on, seemingly every single time.

Fast forward to the present day and it will not have escaped your attention that England are at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and are playing utterly garbage. Fortunately for all of us Mark Saggers is there too, and as a matter of course we roll tape on his microphone during the games, something which to his credit he is now completely aware of and is happy to play along with.

You should all guess what is coming. On Thursday night England played Uruguay in the match which ultimately saw them eliminated at the earliest possibly opportunity from the tournament. High up in the stands at the Arena de Sao Paulo a British radio presenter joined the nation in a maelstrom of frustration and annoyance followed by elation and despair. And thanks to a moment of inspiration I had four years earlier my colleagues in the office recorded the whole thing, edited it down and put it up on YouTube for everyone to share the moment.

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