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Plus OneI’ve a new podcast to tell you about.

Yes, I know what you are thinking. That’s something of an undertaking given I struggle at times to get the existing one out the door on a weekly basis. This however is something different.

James Masterton: Plus One is my opportunity to spend time with some of the most interesting people I know, getting them to tell me their stories and perhaps make the kind of revelations that you would not expect them to under more formal circumstances.

At the time of writing, the first two editions are online featuring the first parts of an extended interview I persuaded my friend and colleague Danny Kelly to participate in. We’ve already heard about his early life growing up in Islington, the moments that defined his love of both music and football as well as some early brushes with celebrity in “civilian” jobs. Part 2 moves on to his years at the New Musical Express, starting as a contributing writer and ending with a turbulent tenure as editor during the course of which a famous newsroom discussion over a notorious set of pictures was captured for Radio 5 documentary. There is even more to come, but that would be to surely spoil the surprise.

Full details on how to subscribe can be found on the Plus One page hovering at the top of the site, but for those for whom that is just too much effort, here is Episode 2 for your listening pleasure. Hope you enjoy it.

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