Fading Out

Quiet here of late isn’t it? In truth, I suspect I’ll be sunsetting this site sometime in the new year. It has long ceased to serve a purpose as a means of promotion and self-expression and the Chart Watch UK site is my main online presence and indeed will be…

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Bob’s Badges

The tin opened

Rolling The Jack I only knew my great-grandfather for a vanishingly brief amount of time. Robert Aitken Masterton was his name, and for much of the early part of my childhood, he was all but invisible to us, living away in Belfast with his second wife. My younger sister and…

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Now Hear This

I think it was worth the wait in the end. Now! 100 is finally here. The dedicated band of people behind the production of the thrice-yearly Now That’s What I Call Music albums did a masterful job of not only building up the anticipation to the release of Volume 100…

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