The Top 40 Annual 1988

The Top 40 Annual 1988

The Top 40 Annual 1988: Past-Blasting New Book Explores Every Chart Hit of Modern Music’s Most Pivotal year

Researched and compiled by the country’s most celebrated chart historian, James Masterton, ‘The Top 40 Annual 1988’ details every single top-forty hit from 1988, comprising artist biographies, fascinating titbits and even facts being made public for the first time. It collectively celebrates the year that changed modern music for good, an influence that still resonates with each new chart-topper being released today.

1988 wasn’t just the year that Red Nose Day kicked off its annual festivities, or the year that Prince Charles narrowly escaped death during a skiing accident in Switzerland; it has also gone down in history as the year that changed music for good.

People like renowned chart historian, James Masterton, fully understand 1988’s true impact on themusical landscape. In his fascinating and hugely-reminiscent new book, he shares this pivotal year’s story ‘The Top 40 Annual 1988’ documents and explores every single hit that made its way into the top-forty charts that year, forming a definitive musical legacy for any fan of entertainment or pop culture.

It was the year that modern day pop history began. The dawning of the dance era and the first ever wave of amateur producers all able to make records at home that stood a chance of becoming hits. Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan had their very first hits as the Stock-Aitken-Waterman machine cranked up to full speed. But there was also room for soul, jazz-pop, rock and some novelty hits too.

Now you can read the full story of the year in pop. Artist by artist and song by song, the Top 40 Annual 1988 tells in loving detail the full story of the year. An essential purchase for any pop music fan of any age.

For the first time ever, the book is available in paperback too!


Also Available in Kindle, Google Play, iBooks, and Kobo stores:

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A wonderful book for anyone interested in the charts today and the story behind their favourite (and least favourite!) artists and songs.”

The reviews of every artist single to chart in the UK top 40 are insightful and very informative.”

Two of the five star reviews that have been submitted on Amazon for James Masterton’s Top 40 Annuals.

The reference book every chart fan has been waiting for – the Top 40 Annuals are the most complete guide yet to the Official UK Singles charts – and both the 2012 and 2013 editions are available for you to download through your favourite E-Book store.

Each volume carefully lists every act to have had a Top 40 hit during the year in question. Their own ‘story so far’ is related and each one of their hit singles documented, telling the stories behind their release, rise to popularity, cultural impact, sales longevity and potential for classic status. Ever wanted to put that single you remembered into context? Want to remind yourself just when that track on the radio was a hit? These books will fill in the gaps in your memory.

The near essential reference guide for all music fans – dedicated, casual or lapsed – James Masterton’s Top 40 Annuals are the perfect companion to your personal streaming playlists.

To buy any of these books, just click on my author page at any of the following online stores:

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As an exclusive for visitors to this website, you can download the first section of the 2012 edition as a FREE PDF. This covers all the ‘A’ artists – from AC/DC through to Avicii and Asaf Avidan. Just click here for your exclusive online preview.


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