Backtiming Back In Time

Nostalgia Ain’t What It Used To Be Radio studios are quite glamorous places to earn a living, all things considered. If you are even halfway technically minded, there is something quite thrilling about your working environment being a LED-drenched palace of glowing buttons, dancing meters and multiple busy viewscreens. Clocks…

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Radio Rewind ’98

My on-air radio career is, let’s be honest now, a vanishingly long time in the past which is why I rarely hark back to it these days. What doesn’t help is that I have vanishingly few good examples of it, most of the tapes I have dating from a period when I was frantic about where my career was going and with a note of panic sounding in my voice.

Hence it was a nice bonus to the other day stumble across a tape from a period when I was sounding happy, confident and above all something approaching good. Havin digitised it, it seemed a shame not to share, not just for the benefit of those friends who begged to hear it but the world in general. If only as an example of how local radio sounded almost 20 years ago.

Here then is 100 minutes or so of an off-air recording of a show I presented on a Saturday afternoon in October 1998. When listening to it the following should be borne in mind:

  1. It was a football results show, so precious little room for many so-called personality links. But this does also date from a period when in my one claim to fame this was the most-listened to show in the area on a Saturday afternoon. I was literally Number One in the ratings.
  2. My style was very much of its time, and a reflection on that of the people I had worked with and learned from. The cheery and sometimes strident tone I’d adopted is far from what would work on air now, when the emphasis is on being slightly calmer and more friendly.
  3. I’ve left in one particular link that makes me cringe to hear it now, but again it was very much a part of the whole notion of “share something of yourself with each broadcast”.

You can hear the show in two versions:

First, a telescoped version featuring just the links. 17 minutes or so of non-stop me, you lucky people.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Or alternatively, here is the full uncut tape. Music, adverts and Masterton all combined. Hope you enjoy. You’re on The Pulse.

Never Go Out Of Style

Gone For A Leak For a couple of days at the start of this week, it appeared to be all anyone with even the remotest connection to the radio industry could talk about. The “leaked” (ie, a single photograph posted on Twitter) excerpt from a new presenter style guide issued…

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Late Night Fucking

There is no 9pm watershed in radio. That’s a detail that often surprises people, most of whom assume that the strictures that apply to ‘adult’ and ‘mature’ material on television also cover radio broadcasts as well. In actual fact the only content restrictions on radio broadcast enforced by the almighty…

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The Final Gang’s All Here

Having spent the past four weeks (and then some) in some kind of football-related bubble, on the evening of the 2014 World Cup final it seemed only appropriate to gather together those of us who have spent afternoons and evenings confined to the office broadcasting a seemingly endless amount of…

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Come On! COME ON!

I’m going to stand up and take full credit for this, because it was my idea in the first place. It all started during the 2010 World Cup, sat at work producing the live coverage of England matches. These broadcasts were anchored by Mark Saggers, an immense broadcaster with a…

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A Boy on The Bay

This month, in the heart of darkest Lancashire, one of the countries smaller yet rather well regarded radio stations is celebrating a special anniversary. Hard to think it now, but this March marked 21 years since The Bay first took to the airwaves from its studios in the heart of…

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A Hairy Escape

I very rarely tweet anything outside of blog updates and links to articles these days, but one morning back in January I felt compelled to post the following: #TEAMDLT — James Masterton (@ChartUpdate) January 14, 2014 It seemed entirely appropriate to express support for a true gentleman and a broadcaster…

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Cross-Platform Literature

Before embarking on the messy, complicated business of publishing an E-book, I did the sensible thing and read a number of how-to guides. One common theme emerged from all of them: “be warned”, they said, “everything about the process takes much longer than you would expect”. Like a fool I…

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